Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kota Tua (Old Town)

I do a lot of old building sketch this month, starting from Braga and Asia Afirika streets at Bandung to Jakarta Old Town

Cannary Bakery and Cafe Jl Braga
Jl. Braga is one of the main street in Bandung since Netherland Indis time
Now this street become on of the famous street in Bandung for tourist visit

Gedung Jiwasraya
Jiwasraya Building, built on 1859 by Netherland assurance company, Nederlanche Indische Levens Verzekiring En Lijfren Maatcaappij (NILLNY), and become first live assurance company in Indonesia

Warenhuis de Vries
At the beginning it was a house with Indis architectures style built in 1879, then rebuilt at 1920 by an architech Edward Cuypers Hulswit and become "Warenhuis de Vries" or Supermarket de Vries

Jakarta Old Town

Kota Tua #1

Kota Tua #2
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