Sunday, February 20, 2011

Face the Night

I still have difficulty to sketch at night, with limited light, and all color seem to be black
But this time I'm trying to face my fear of night sketching
I'm done sketching around Suropati Park, Jakarta on Dec last year
starting about 18.00 and finished at 20.00

My first sketch goes to this "Gereja Ayam" church, its almost christmas so the church was full of little bulb that give the light to all the wall

Face the Night

I admitted that's hard to do sketching in the place that have the low ligh, its dark (of course)

After finish with the church I continue to the Pangeran Dipenogoro statue infront of the Suropati park

Face the Night #1

My last sketch that night is the fountain at middle of the park
While other seem to have their mate that night at the park, and I'm the only one with sketchbook and drawing pen on my hand, sometime i wonder what people thing about when they see one man drawing at night in the middle of the park that other usually use for dating :)

Face the Night #2
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